Women's circle packages

Are you wanting to experience your own women's circle event here in the Byron shire? We are happy to organise and host a mama blessing (blessingway), a bride to be circle, or an empowering women's circle for you and your friends. Please get in touch and we'll happily tailor an event to your needs. 


Here's an example of what we offer:

BRIDE-TO-BE (half day package)

What’s included:

  • 2hr flower crown making workshop (each guest weaves their own

    flower crown to wear during the Blessing circle)

  • Hand crafted Sisters & the Sea Bride-to-be pack , which includes

    one large Amethyst crystal generator and smaller quartz crystals for your mandala– all of which is set up for you. A floral smudge stick and the Salt Ritual kit.

  • A stunning flower mandala to form the centerpiece of your circle

  • A host to lead your sister circle and guide you through the

    ceremonies (approx. 90mins)

  • Grazing table with lush Sisters And The Sea platters.

  • Styled space including rugs, throws, cushions and other pieces to

    make you comfortable and look amazing too. 

Our Bride-to-Be event is a beautiful gathering of women, a unique and wonderful way to celebrate a friend before her big day. It’s all about having fun, coming together in a nurturing and empowering atmosphere and creating a magical experience for all.

We create a beautifully styled space where you can relax, feast, indulge, chat and connect while weaving gorgeous flower crowns. There is something very special about women sitting and creating together and everything is carefully demonstrated so even beginners will experience fun and joy.

Our Bride-to-be circle is a fully hosted women’s circle. Here you all come together in circle (around a beautiful and powerful flower and crystal mandala) and bless the journey ahead, reflect, share hopes and dreams and spread love and positivity to the-bride-to-be. Your host will begin by smudging (lighting herbs) and leading a meditation/relaxation. Each circle is different and we like to communicate with you beforehand and tailor your women’s circle to you. Our signature ritual for the Bride is the divine salt ritual. Here a salt mix is passed around the circle while each women adds a sprinkle of herbs and a blessing, infusing the salt with heartfelt intentions. The salt mix is then given to the Bride to be used in a salt bath before the Wedding night.